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Increasingly, strategic management is becoming crucial in the world of business and in the ever- uncertain environment and fast-changing world in which we live and work. The APSMCL programme is designed for Corporate Leaders who wish to translate Strategy into value driven decisions and pave the way for sustainable growth. Strategic management is an essential component of businesses. It refers to the formulation and implementation of the goals and initiatives involved in the strategies, laid out by the stakeholders of an organization. Current business contexts are defined by the intense pressures of competition, challenges of integration across global markets, new concerns about sustainability and an intensification of resource conflicts around the world. This course presumes that strategic action of competition or cooperation is always embedded in societal, institutional and regulatory contexts. Rather than looking at these as constraints, it helps if one can appreciate how wins can be crafted and power effectively leveraged while working within and through these broader institutions, to the benefit of both the organization and society.

Why You Should pursue This Programme

  • Develop a strategic thinking mode –understanding how power is wielded and negotiated in multiple contexts, especially amidst great ‘complexity’ and institutional transformations.
  • Understand strategic landscapes of industries, including the interface with law and regulation, and institutional variation across nations.
  • Understand sustainability, resource conflicts and its relation to strategy.
  • Manage multi-stakeholder interests and institutional frameworks thereof, especially of work-force/skill-holders and communities with various resource rights.
  • Identify the strategic significance of few contemporary developments such as outsourced models of business, vigorous use of informatics, delayering of organizations, modularization of product systems and so on.
  • Strategize in a network mode – competition and cooperation; especially appreciating role of shared assets.
  • Understand the economics of strategy moves, especially under decreasing and increasing returns.





This programme is aimed at managers in organizations who are currently in roles that require them to handle strategic issues, or managers who are looking to move into such roles. Senior and middle level managers and profit centre heads would find the programme particularly useful. Working professionals wishing to participate in the programme need to have a minimum experience of 7 years. Managers with longer and broader experience would benefit more from the programme.


Working executives who are graduates (10+2+3 or equivalent) in any discipline with 50% marks, with an experience profile of at least 7 years after graduation are eligible. Applicants with desired work experience who do not have 50% marks in graduation but 50% or more in post-graduation are also eligible.


The programme will use multiple modes of interactive delivery. Lectures and readings of concept pieces would be linked to discussion of business cases (and business histories), to ground theories/concepts in practice. The programme will also use extensively the widely distributed knowledge pieces within the web (in the public domain) through use of links, thematic sites to aid considerable self exploration by motivated senior managers and business leaders. Each platform interaction would require pre-reading and preparation in group-based modes by the participants. The course will also have a series of practitioner-interaction sessions.


  • Strategic Thinking: Appreciation of conflicts, contests and cooperation
  • Strategies in the digital economy: Managing Platformisation
  • Role of Institutions, laws, contracts and frameworks for engaging with multi-stakeholders interests
  • Firm strategy, sustainability and resource conflicts
  • Increasing returns and business development withnon-linear profits
  • Understanding competition and cooperation: Products and platforms
  • Modularization and outsourcing
  • Varieties of capitalism, institutional legacies and global competition
  • Organizing inside the firm
  • Managing under institutional transitions
  • Merger and Acquisitions, including a brief exposure to valuation
*Note: The Modules/ topics are indicative and the suggested sequence may be modified /adapted by the Programme Directors to suit the total programme hours.


TThe programme will be delivered through classes held at designated VCNow Centres across India or through Direct to Device (D2D) as an option to participants, once a week. Participants need to select the delivery mode during the application submission. In addition, there will be a total of 10 days of workshops at IIM Calcutta campus during the course of the programme, subject to Govt Guidelines around the pandemic. Attendance will be mandatory for certification. In case the campus sessions are not held due to the pandemic situation, the same would be delivered through online mode as per schedule decided by IIM Calcutta.


Evaluation in this programme would be based on examination at end of the course and a project that the participants would undertake, either singly or in groups as per decision of the faculty.


At the end of the course eligible students will receive a certificate of completion of the programme from IIM Calcutta, along with a grade sheet carrying grade of the examination and the project. It is mandatory for participants to attend the campus sessions for successful completion of the programme. Please note that campus module will be held only if Govt regulations permit owing to the ongoing Pandemic.

*Note: Certificate image is for reference purpose only and may change at the discretion of IIMC LDP Office.


Programme Duration 6 Months.

Live and interactive classes will be held on Mondays from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM, barring specific holidays that will be announced in advance


To be Announced

Note: Limited Seats. Early applications are encouraged. Selection evaluation on a first come first served basis.


Application Fee (Non refundable): INR 2,500 + GST
Total fees: (Excluding Application Fee) INR 4,30,000 + GST

*note – Fees subject to change for next batch


Instalment I Within 10 days of issuance of offer letter INR 1,00,000 (GST Extra)
Instalment II Mar 25, 2022 INR 1,00,000 + INR 24,000 (GST Extra)
Instalment III May 25, 2022 INR 1,00,000 + 32,000 (GST Extra)

*Note: GST currently applicable at 18%.

- All payments in favor of Unified Collaboration Services LLP (VCNow). All fees including application fee is non-refundable.

- GST is currently applicable at 18%. Any additional payment due to change in any of the applicable Govt taxes during the tenure of the program will have to be borne by the participants.


Interested applicants may apply online through the below provided online application link. The application must be complete in all respects including remittance of application fees, uploading of academic and experience related documents and submission of Statement of Purpose (SOP) & Profile. Incomplete applications will not be considered for further processing. In case of any assistance during the application process, please reach out to our Academic Advisors.

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