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IIM CALCUTTA Data Sciences Programme

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Accelerate your career in Data Science with leading techniques & industry relevant curriculum




About Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established as the first national institute for Post-Graduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India in November 1961 in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Government of West Bengal, The Ford Foundation and Indian industry. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalizing Indian management through its Post Graduate and Doctoral level programs, Executive Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities. Today, IIM Calcutta attracts the best talent in India - a melting pot of academia, industry and research. The best and brightest young men and women pursue its academic programs. The main thrust of training is to imbibe a sense of strategic outlook to management problems in the students. The emphasis, therefore, is on management as an integrated process and requires the students to develop a global view of economic, technological, cultural and political environment of the business.

IIMC has a very strong alumni base, which makes it unique among the top management institutes of the world. IIMC alumni are occupying leadership positions as corporate managers, academicians and successful entrepreneurs, worldwide. The alumni maintain a close relation with the institute, helping each other in their growth.

Know More About Programme


Why Data Science

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that strives to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. Data science employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, operations research, information science, and computer science.

Demand for trained data scientists has witnessed a massive growth in recent years. Data analysis is not only essential but indispensable for meeting the challenges of making most efficient strategic as well as tactical decisions. Applications of data science take place in various domains such as government sector, agriculture, atmospheric sciences, infrastructure management, financial markets, e-commerce.

Further, be it manufacturing, healthcare, software, service sector, real estate or financial services, the skills required for data scientists are in demand across industries. As demand for data scientist skills remains strong, hiring for these positions poses a challenge. With this ongoing talent shortage, individuals and organizations must consider training resources with data science skills as well as keeping their data scientists’ skills up to date with a fast-changing industry.

Programme Objective

The objective of this programme is to introduce participants to the different tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analyzing and interpreting data. The program will be hands-on with introduction to software such as XL-Miner, Tableau, SPSS, R, @Risk, Arena, Apache Spark, etc. The programme is suited for working professionals who would like to have a hands-on feel on working with data and making sense of it.

As part of the programme, participants will be required to form small teams and undertake organization-based specialized or comprehensive projects of their choice, in the areas of marketing, finance and operations, to be guided by IIMC faculty. These projects will have to be submitted and presented during a 4-day IIMC Campus module towards the end of the programme.

Successful completion of the program will enable the participants to acquire a strong foundation for applying advanced quantitative and statistical tools to make most effective decisions driven by sound data analysis.

Who should attend

Professionals who are keen to build a career in Data Science or those seeking to accelerate their career in Data Science with leading techniques & industry relevant curriculum gaining through the knowledge & skills of the finest faculties at IIM Calcutta. These programme provides for extensive knowledge on most popular data science techniques used by analytics professionals.

Programme Modules:

  • Understanding Data Science
  • Mathematics for Data Science
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Data Management and Datawarehousing
  • Machine Learning with R
  • Data Interpretation, Visualization and Analysis
  • Econometrics
  • Stochastic Process and Simulation
  • Decision Support Systems for Actionable Insights
  • Big Data Storage and Analytics
  • Advanced Topics in Data Science
  • Project in Data Science

Delivery Mode

The programme will be delivered through Live and interactive HD Video Conference based Virtual Classroom Sessions at select VCNow Centres across India. For those individuals who reside at a location wherein VCNow centre is not available or at international locations, the Virtual Classroom may be extended through Direct to Device (D2D) mode under special approval of IIMC. However during exams the D2D participants have to appear from a nearest VCNow centre. Further, attending all 3 campus modules at IIM Calcutta campus is a mandatory requirement.

Session timings and Campus Module:

Virtual Classroom Sessions: Every Sunday 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM and on select Wednesdays 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Campus Component: 3 campus visits spanning 10 days (3+4+3 days respectively for each visit) in total


The pedagogy is highly interactive with a judicious blend of theory & practical inputs, case studies, assignments & campus visits. The lectures will be enriched with corporate examples and general discussions.

Eligibility & Selection

Working professionals/Self employed with an experience profile of 3 years or more, who are graduates (10+2+3)/post graduates in any discipline with 50% marks in either graduation or post graduation. Applicants would be selected through assessment of background and motivation based on the application form submitted.

Certification & Alumni

Periodic assessments and evaluation will be conducted by IIM Calcutta. All successful candidates will be awarded with certificate of completion and ‘Executive Education Alumni Status from IIM Calcutta

Tentative Programme Commencement Date: October 4, 2020 (Sunday)

How to apply

Interested applicants may apply online through the below provided application link. The application must be complete in all respects including uploading of academic and experience related documents towards proof and submission of Statement of Purpose (SOP) & Profile

Fee Payment Plan for Indian Students

Application fees: INR 2,500 + GST (Non refundable fee to be paid while applying online)

Programme Fees: INR 3,60,000

Campus Module Fees: INR 80,000

Total Fees: INR 4,40,000 (Excluding application fees)


Fee Payment Plan for International Students
Application Fees: USD 60 (To be paid while applying online)
Programme Fee (including campus fee): USD 6655 (Installment option available)

Installment Plan:

September 15, 2020
December 15, 2020
April 15, 2021
July 15, 2021
Amount INR 90,000+24,000 (GST Extra) 1,10,000 (GST Extra) 80,000+32,000 (GST Extra) 80,000+24,000 (GST Extra

Online application link:
IIM Calcutta Website: