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About IIM Ahmedabad

IIMA was set up by the Government of India in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat and Indian industry as an autonomous institution in 1961. The Institute provides education, training, consulting and research facilities in management.

About ENAC France

ENAC is internationally recognized as the leading aeronautics and aviation university in Europe, providing a broad range of training, studies and research activities; and is well-known for its ATPL and MPL pilot training internationally.

Programme Overview

The Programme aims to impart general and advanced management training as well as essential technical skills specifically curated for senior and mid-level professionals working in aviation, aeronautics and a wide range of allied industry sectors. The programme covers relevant topics in the aviation and aeronautics sector viz-a-viz sustainability and ESG, drones and UTM, aircraft manufacturing, airline management, airport operations and logistics, legal and regulatory issues, infrastructure development and financing, big data applications, and IT strategy.

Key programme objectives
Why should you pursue this programme?
  • A one-of-its-kind programme that allows you to learn the latest practices & techniques in the aviation and aeronautics sector from top-notch faculties of IIMA and ENAC, France.
  • Combine technical skills with managerial acumen to take up leadership roles in this sector.
  • Attend the international immersion program at the ENAC campus in France and study tours for learning about state-of-the-art airport and airline operations and management.
  • Engage in a capstone project at IIMA, specifically designed for translating learnings into action.
  • Get the prestigious alumni status at both IIMA, India, and ENAC, France upon successful completion of the programme
Faculty Co-Chairs
Prof. Debjit Roy

Production and Quantitative

Prof. Sandip Chakrabarti

Public Systems Group

Teaching Faculty
    Teaching Faculty at IIMA
  • Prof. Amit Karna
  • Prof. Amit Nandkeolyar
  • Prof. Arvind Sahay
  • Prof. Biju Varkkey
  • Prof. Debjit Roy(Faculty Co-Chair)
  • Prof. Naman Desai
  • Prof. Pankaj Setia
  • Prof. Sandip Chakrabarti (Faculty Co-Chair)
    Teaching Faculty at ENAC
  • Prof. Patrick Senac, Head of research at ENAC
  • Prof. Daniel Delahaye, Head of Optimization research team at ENAC
  • Dr. Corinne Bieder, Head of Safety and security research team at ENAC
  • Michaël Benhamed, Head of Air Transport Operations and Economics at ENAC
  • Philippe Fonta, international expert in sustainable development
Programme Modules
Selection Criteria

Selections will be based on the detailed profile of the candidate in his own words elaborating on his academic record, profile, designation, salary, roles, responsibilities, job description and a write-up on ‘expectations from the programme.

Dual Alumni Status and Joint Certification by IIMA And ENAC
  • At the end of the course, eligible participants will receive a Certificate of Participation (CoP) and awarded Alumni Status by both IIM Ahmedabad and ENAC. This is subject to fulfilment of attaining overall 80% attendance criteria and all the terms and conditions of the programme.
Programme Fees & Instalment Schedule
Description Deadline Amount
Application Fee At the time of submiting the online
Application Form to IIMA.
INR 2,000 + 18% GST
Instalment 1 Payable within 7 days of
Offer Letter Received
INR 2,72,500 + 18% GST
Instalment 2 Payable by
10th April 2023
INR 2,72,500 + 18% GST
Instalment 3 Payable by
10th July 2023
INR 2,72,500 + 18% GST
Total Programme Fee - INR 8,17,500 + 18% GST

* The travel cost IIM Ahmedabad and ENAC France will be borne by the participants directly.

* The industrial visit and stay charges at ENAC France will also be borne by the participants.

Important Dates
Last date to apply 15th January, 2023
Registration and initial payment of fee 20th January, 2023
Class Commencement (online) 4th February 2023
1st Campus Module at IIM Ahmedabad 29th to 31st January 2023 ( 3 days )
2nd Campus Module at ENAC France 17th to 21st April, 2023 (5 days)
Final Campus Module at IIM Ahmedabad 7th to 8th August, 2023 (2 days)
Call our Academic Advisors at: 7290087955

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