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Virtual Classroom

One of the objectives of UCS is to help and partner top education institutes to propagate and deliver high quality distance education across multiple cities in India, simultaneously, without losing the effectiveness and interactivity of a physical class room.

The unique high definition video conference based technology and virtual class room provides high definition video conference based virtual interactive learning through its virtual class room platform. This simulates a real life classroom environment across platforms, devices and connectivity.

The experience, delivered over a 50” HD LED TV provides a real time, real life and highly interactive platform unprecedented in the Indian executive education space.

The UCS VCNow virtual class room platform combines the advantages of distance learning with the efficiency of a face-to-face interaction. The platform is researched, designed and developed for simulating a classroom environment as close as possible, so that the lecturer can focus on delivering his/her content as he/she would do naturally, rather than get distracted by technology. The participants get to interact with professors just the way they would in a real classroom (which means they can see, hear and even raise their hands to ask questions).

The platform supports display of power point presentations as well as digital whiteboard facilities. In other words, the virtual classroom platform supports all normal classroom activities, including online examinations and assessments, thus enabling both students as well as lecturers adapt to it easily and make it a way of life.

UCS and partner management institutes have touched and changed the lives of executives who always wanted to re-skill and improve their career prospects by pursuing higher education, but could not do so due to financial constraints of not being able to leave their jobs, or geographical constraints of not being able to leave their cities and families.

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