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VCNow has set up VC Rooms across India which can be used by customers to reach out, connect and collaborate with their extended enterprises.

How it works

The services are extremely easy to use. Sign up and start booking your VCs either through our web portal or through your VCNow Relationship Manager.

  • Once a conference is confirmed, the system automates meeting launch and breaks down processes as per an organization’s pre-set criteria.
  • Numerous parameters including setup times, key messaging and calendar conflict management that regulates a complex deployment are managed through VCNow portal.
  • The VCNow store’s Relationship Officers and the Video Newtork Operating Centre (VNOC) attendants provide real-time conference support and monitoring including adding or removing sites, modifying on-screen layouts and extending meetings beyond scheduled times.

Usage and Applications

  • Recruitment - for HR Teams, Recruiters and Head Hunters
    Identify the Candidate and then outsource your recruitment process: UCS takes away the hassles and coordination recruitment. It offers end-to-end services, right from candidate assessment through online exams, contacting shortlisted candidates, setting up interviews, executing them. For selected candidates, Candidate Verification can be conducted through our tie-up with a leading Candidate Verification Company.
  • Induction and Training Programs - for Corporate Trainers and Employee Development Teams
    UCS offers management and coordination in executing new employee induction and training programmes.
  • Sales reviews - for Sales Managers:
    VC Now Rooms across India help improve the width (geographical coverage) of sales reviews as well as depth (i.e. ability to review right down to the last person in the smallest territory on the field) of sales reviews.
  • Product launches, Seminars, Events and Conferences - for Marketing and Product Managers
    UCS Teams can manage multi-location focus group discussions, one-on-one in-depth interviews for market research companies, marketing and product managers.
  • CEO broadcasts, town halls, press conferences / press meets - for Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communications managers
  • Participation in Board Meetings - for Company Secretaries and Finance Teams

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