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Webcast Now

UCS truly provides the ultimate unified conferencing and collaboration experience by integrating web casting and streaming directly into the video conferencing platform thus saving customers the cost, hassles and issues related to on-site encoding, audio-video publishing set-ups etc.

Reservationless Live Webcast and Live Streaming of your Events

WebCast UrSelf – Video Webinars

This is a do it yourself, cloud based web cast service which is ideal for web casting an individual’s speech or presentation to a limited group of people.

On-the fly WebCast of Video Conferences

Video Conference + Webcast – Webcast of your video conference is a value-added service for product, sales, marketing and event managers in sectors such as pharma, insurance, doctor conferences, continuous medical education (CME), virtual classrooms and education.

It allows the VC to be webcast on the fly without requiring an elaborate webcast set up and hence is available at much lower cost.

Scheduled On-Site Webcast and Event Management

On-site event management and webcast encoding set up for live events UCS can provide elaborate webcast arrangements and set ups for events at hotel venues or offices.

Enterprise Video On Demand (VOD)

Recorded and Archived Knowledge and Content Management

Organizations create a wealth of content, information and data which is not archived or managed centrally. Video content, especially training programmes or product launches require tremendous amount of preparation, planning and execution. Ever so often not all employees are able to participate in this. Moreover, people required to refresh and review the content from time to time when they so feel the need.

UCS can provide VOD solutions for secure access and login, which can be restricted to specific viewers.

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