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On-Premise Managed VC Services

Cloud Hosted Unified Meeting Rooms (UMRs)

Cloud Hosted Unified Meeting Rooms (UMRs) offer enterprises one of the most flexible and effective ways to deploy a conferencing solution to connect everybody everywhere. Deployment is nearly instantaneous. The cost of entry is lower because you employ cloud infrastructure and resources rather than investing in your own. Scalability is very easy.

It is ideal for spontaneous or everyday multipoint meetings. Leveraging the cloud, delivers interoperability and offers a true bring-your-own-device (BYOD) service, allowing any traditional video conference room, desktop or mobile device to join the same multi-party call, at a fraction of the cost.

UCS enables seamless integration of legacy investments into unified communications platforms to tie meeting rooms, desktops and mobile clients together in a single, fully functional, environment.

UCS UMRs allow users to conduct reservation-less any time, adhoc, on-the-fly conferences, by integrating physical meeting rooms in the enterprise with video conferencing as well as individuals who Bring their own Devices (BYOD). This makes audio and video conferencing easier than ever before.

It empowers you to meet when and where you want at a moment’s notice. Collaborate with remote colleagues, partners and clients, regardless of the endpoint devices and the network.
In short, UCS UMR is conferencing made easy. And reliable, cost-effective and accessible to any group system, desktop or mobile device on-the-go and without investing in back-end conferencing infrastructure and management.

Features and Benefits

  • Connect virtually any standards-based video collaboration endpoints for seamless audio and video collaboration.
  • UMR meetings can take place within the enterprise or B2B beyond the enterprise without any special configuration.
  • Virtual Bridge on Private Cloud Connect - UCS has the ability to provide a managed VC service by offering a virtual bridge on the cloud connecting customers on their existing Private MPLS networks. Customers can extending their MPLS network and the VC end points in a secure manner into the UCS bridge through a secure tier 3 data centre.
  • Eliminates the need for investments in expensive MCU’s - enterprises using our UMR can leverage our carrier class Unified Collaboration’s cloud infrastructure and video as a service with their existing VC end points and network, thus minimising their investments and improving their ROI.
  • Various models – Flat monthly fee based or subscription based
  • Wide interoperability – with standards based systems
  • Easy-to-use – Straightforward dial-in instructions and permanent room address
  • Secure – Important meetings can be secured with PINs
  • Configurable – Room sizes to fit meeting needs
  • Affordable – Fair usage of shared within your block of shared video ports
  • Mobility – Ability to easily participate in VCs on the go through mobile and desktops
  • In Conference Operator Support – in case of problems users can Press *0 for the Video concierge to support you over video.
  • Remote Telephone Support: In case your video is not working you can even call the Relationship Officer or Video Network Operating Centre over a telephone


  • Ports that support
    Video Resolution - Up to 720p @ 30 fps
    Video: H.264 and H.263
    Audio: G.711, G.729 and G.722
  • Signaling: SIP and H.323
    Supported software end points – Polycom Real Presence Desktop and Mobile Content: H.239

On-site Manpower and Video Bridge (NOC) Management

Outsource your Audio, Visual and web collaboration services, hassles & cost

On-site Manpower

The UCS Team, by virtue of being the founders in the Video Conferencing and Collaboration domain, have a pool of experienced and talented individuals who can be deployed for on-site VC coordination, scheduling, execution and management, thus taking away the hassles from your IT and Admin Teams.

Onsite Video Bridge (NOC) Management -Managing Customer Bridges and Video NOCs

Companies can leverage the decade-plus intellectual property, skills and experience backed by refined and mature process along with experienced UCS video network operation centre engineers. Services can be provided on site as well as remotely through UCS’s video NOC.