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Industry Solutions

Recruitment - for HR personnel & head hunters

Tough interviewing candidates in different cities? Learn how you can size up candidates and completely take off the hassles of travelling expense and time out of the interviewing equation.

Video Conferencing Solutions for HR

Employee Training programs

Want to offer training programs to employees in your organization? With VCNow’s video conferencing solutions, outstation based training instructors can efficiently train employees at multiple locations.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Employee Training programs

Sales reviews

Skip the expense and hassles of flying your sales force down to your head office for sales reviews. Opt for lifelike, HD quality video conferencing solutions from VCNow instead.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Sales

Product launches

Extend the excitement and reach of Live Product Launches to feel the pulse of the people as if you are present in the room! Video broadcast your product launch efficiently across the country.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Product launches

Board meetings

Increase participation at Board meetings with the help of VCNow’s 3040 HD video conferencing centers located in India & worldwide.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Board meetings

Seminars, Events & conferences

Boost attendance for events you would like to host, while keeping the costs within the budget.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Seminars, Events & conferences

Broadcasts, press conference, press meets

Effectively try video conferencing services for your client for Press Conferences, CEO broadcasts, Company Events, product or Movie Launches and more!

Video Conferencing Solutions for Broadcasts, press conference, press meets

Medical processes & education

Interested in organizing Continuous Medical Education (CME) seminar to inform medical professionals of the latest practices in the medical field? Check how you can make your seminar participation easy & convenient.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Medical processes & education

Focus Groups

Know what your focus groups think about your product even if you can’t attend. Study participants even from your own city or office by video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Focus Groups