IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) has been consistently ranked as a premier management school in the country by several national agencies. IIMA programmes are also ranked highly in several international rankings. In 2008, IIMA became the first management school in the country to be awarded EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). At IIMA, innovation lies at the base of every programme and the aim is to cater the best, to the best, from the best. The IIMA's Senior Management Programme equips bright individuals with General Management perspectives and thinking skills.

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It delivers a high value through a blend of intensive and on Campus learning and immersive HD VC Virtual Classroom interactions. The programme covers functional areas of management, its source disciplines and builds on the experience of the participants, helping them understand the underlying concepts, paradigms and theories of management. The programme builds on the experience of participants who could not find time, due to their personal and career commitments early on, to undergo a top notch programme in management, but who have been learning and adding to their skills and competencies while working. It helps the participants understand how the various management functions contribute to effective leadership, decision making, strategy, and organization of the business. Taking high quality experience as given, the programme creates an environment in which participants learn from each other as well.



  • The programme is open to experienced employees who have proven themselves and look forward to leadership roles soon. It seeks to further organizational effectiveness and excellence in performance through the development of human resources. It builds upon the experience of the participants, enhancing their effectiveness in leading their organization.
  • The programme provides unique perspectives on best practices in managing teams, handling adversity, and defining one's own personal leadership style.
  • The programme develops the skills required to take strategic and managerial decisions necessary in Senior Management roles.

Programme Highlights


  • Learning and mentoring by the finest faculties in India
  • Inculcates reflection and self-study of concepts through intense collective 360-degree learning
  • Network and learn from peers with rich experience and diversified backgrounds
  • 3 visits to IIMA campus of 4 days each, to constitute 12 days of in campus learning
  • Learn from the best faculty
  • IIMA pedagogy of bringing problem situations to the classroom through cases
  • Successful candidates will be awarded IIMA Alumni status



  • Judicious blend of discussions, lectures & real life cases
  • Enriching experience for the participants as they 'learn-unlearn-relearn' through IIMA's case study methodology



  • Marketing
  • Finance Management
  • Financial markets and Risk
  • Operations & Supply Management
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Human resource management
  • Negotiation & interpersonal communication
  • Law, politics & society
  • Global & Indian economic environment
  • Oral Communication
  • Information Systems
  • Strategy

Other Information



    Working professionals/self-employed (graduates) with minimum work experience of 10 years

Program Directors

  • Prof. Amit Karna
  • Prof. Arvind Sahay
  • Prof. Chetan Soman
  • Prof. Pradyumana Khokle (Co-chair)
  • Prof. Sebastian Morris
  • Prof. Sachin Jayaswal (Co-chair)
  • Prof. Anurag Agarwal
  • Prof. Biju Varkkey
  • Prof. J R Varma
  • Prof. Sanjay Verma
  • Prof. Shailesh Gandhi
  • Prof. Vaibhavi Kulkarni


    12 months (Including 12 days of campus immersion through 3 visits)

Class Schedule

Live & Interactive Virtual Classroom Sessions will be held every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at nominated VCNow centres present in over 30 cities across India.