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Achieve data science excellence with a business edge
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IIM Calcutta

Programme Highlights

Data Science Program Duration

Duration:12 months

IIMC Campus visits for Advanced Data Science Program

Campus module of 10 Days (2 visits of 5 days each)

IIMC Advanced Data Science Program Application Close Date

Eligibility: 3+ years of work experience

Data Sciences Programme Online sessions

Last Date to Apply - 24th March

IIM Calcutta Certification & Executive Education Alumni Status

Live online sessions Sundays (09.30 AM to 12.30 PM) & select Wednesdays (6:30 PM to 9:30 PM)

IIM Calcutta Certification & Executive Education Alumni

IIM Calcutta Certification & Executive Education Alumni Status

IIMC Advanced Data Science Program Fee

Fee: INR 4,80,000 + GST payable in easy instalments with loan options available

IIMC Advanced Data Science Program Fee

Fee: INR 4,80,000 + GST payable in easy instalments with loan options available

Programme Overview

In a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily, data science mastery is no longer a choice but a necessity for success. However, data science goes beyond technical proficiency; it demands a profound understanding of the intricate business aspects of data. IIM Calcutta's Advanced Programme in Data Sciences (APDS) goes above and beyond equations and algorithms, offering profound insights and a strategic understanding of data within the context of business and management. Participants gain advanced skills in transforming data into actionable business value, providing data-driven recommendations and predictions to achieve their organisation's strategic goals.

Transform data into business value with IIM Calcutta

Advanced Data Science Program Certificate from IIM Calcutta

Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all successful candidates.

50+ Years of Academic Excellence

50+ Years 

of Academic Excellence

4th in NIRF India Rankings, 2023

4th in NIRF  

India Rankings, 2023

59th in QS Global MBA Rankings 2024

59th in QS Global MBA

Rankings 2024

76th in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings, 2023

76th in Financial Times Global MBA

Rankings, 2023

Learning Outcomes

transform data

Study how to transform data into actionable insights using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Interpretation and Visualisation.

software applications and tools

Acquire proficiency in software applications and tools such as Tableau, Python, R, SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL, @Risk, Arena, Hadoop, among others.

Stochastic Processes

Dive deep into quantitative subjects, including Econometrics, Stochastic Processes and Simulation.

techniques of Data Analysis

Master all the techniques of Data Analysis, Database Warehousing, Big Data Storage & Analytics.

Text Mining

Explore advanced topics such as Text Mining, IoT, Deep Learning and Industry 4.0.

data processing skills

Expand your data handling/processing skills to non-commercial applications such as atmospheric science, government, utilities and agriculture.

Curriculum Structure

Understanding Data Science

Understanding Data Science 

Mathematics for Data Science

Mathematics for Data Science

Statistics for Data Science

Statistics for Data Science

Data Management and Data warehousing

Data Management and Data warehousing

Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning with Python

Data Interpretation, Visualization and Analysis: Use of R

Data Interpretation, Visualization and Analysis: Use of R

Econometrics with R

Econometrics with R

Stochastic Process and Simulation

Stochastic Process and Simulation

Categorical Data Analysis

Categorical Data Analysis

Business Intelligence with Data Analytics

Business Intelligence with Data Analytics

Big Data Storage and Analytics

Big Data Storage and Analytics

Advanced Topics in Data Science

Advanced Topics in Data Science

Project in Data Science

Project in Data Science

Why should you do this programme?

Tap into IIM Calcutta's expertise

Benefit from IIM Calcutta's renowned mastery in mathematics, statistical analysis and analytics, establishing it as a leading B-school in India.

Business-focused data science

Learn advanced data science with a business-oriented approach to align insights with strategic objectives and make effective data-driven decisions.

Real-world learning

Acquire hands-on experience applying data science skills to address complex business challenges through business use cases and a capstone project.

Proven success

Leverage the 6-year legacy of this programme, which has elevated participants' knowledge and skills for advanced data science roles.

Meet your Programme Directors

Data Sciences Programm Professor Debashis Saha
Prof. Debashis Saha

Prof. Saha holds a Ph.D. in Computer Communication and Networks from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. His research interests encompass a wide range of topics, including Digital Business Transformation, Digital Ecosystem, IoT, Industry 4.0, Techno-economics of ICT, 4G/5G Network Operations, Management and Security, ICT for Development and WDM Optical Networks, among others.

Data Sciences Programm Professor Sumanta Basu
Prof. Sumanta Basu

Dr. Sumanta Basu holds a doctoral degree from IIM Ahmedabad. His primary research interests are in operations and supply chain management, risk management and uncertainty, pricing and revenue management etc. He holds multiple US patents in process improvement and publishes in leading scholarly journals. He is also involved in multiple management development program / consulting activities associated to Govt. of India and leading private sector organizations.

Alumni Speak

Frequently Asked Questions

As the data revolution continues, organisations increasingly rely on data scientists to analyse, interpret and drive effective decision-making. Data has become a valuable asset, demanding strategic thinkers who can harness its potential. In the highly competitive and ever-evolving field of data science, professionals adept at handling vast and varied data sets enjoy a promising future. Given the growing importance of data science across industries, gaining advanced knowledge in this dynamic field is essential for professionals seeking career advancement and young managers shaping the future of data science.

Once a hot trend, data science is now an essential component of digital transformation. Extracting value from big data has become the cornerstone for businesses looking to thrive in an increasingly data-driven economy. Technical skills or data science expertise alone are insufficient. Data scientists must be able to understand the business context of their work, know how to communicate their findings and bridge the gap between data and its rightful application. Combining management and business knowledge with data science skills will help you advance your career faster than focusing on just one or the other. Both disciplines can provide unique viewpoints in solving complex business problems.

If the prospect of deriving business value from data, uncovering insights and solving complex business challenges excites you, then IIM Calcutta's Advanced Programme in Data Sciences (APDS) is the ideal choice. This comprehensive data analysis course covers data interpretation, visualisation, analysis, database management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data storage, econometrics and deep learning. You will also gain proficiency in various essential software and tools, including Tableau, Python, R, SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL and more. The course will not focus on business domains such as finance, operations, marketing, etc.

If you are seeking to make a notable influence through data-driven decisions in the business world, then APDS is the answer. With the appropriate skills and knowledge this course will impart, you can transform data into a potent resource for management acumen. This programme will allow you to analyse and interpret large sets of data and craft predictive models and algorithms to make informed business decisions. Thus, APDS is best suited for working professionals who must handle and interpret data or young managers who want to establish a rewarding data science career.

Applicants should have at least 3 years of professional experience and a 50% or higher mark in their undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications. Selection is based on assessing the applicant's background and motivation through the application form. While programming knowledge is not mandatory, a basic understanding of Mathematics and Statistics is required.

IIM Calcutta, a pioneer in management education with over 50 years of excellence, stands among Asia's top B-Schools. In addition to offering top-ranked courses in management education, IIM Calcutta distinguishes itself as one of India's premier data science institutes, renowned for its robust expertise in mathematics, statistics and analytics. IIM Calcutta was the first to launch a prestigious tri-institute PG Diploma in Business Analytics in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur and ISI Calcutta. Today, it leads the way in data science education, addressing the growing demand for industry-ready data scientists. With a unique blend of business acumen and technical expertise, IIM Calcutta prepares the next generation of data science leaders. In the past, numerous professionals have experienced transformative growth through the Advanced Programme in Data Sciences. APDS prepares participants to ascend to a new level of expertise and innovation in the data-driven world.

In this career-empowering course, you'll dive into a world of data mastery. You’ll expand your data science skills by learning the tools and techniques for handling and interpreting data. You’ll develop expertise in database management, data visualization, machine learning, big data training, and data analytics training. You’ll gain deeper insights into quantitative subjects like statistics for data science and econometrics. You’ll expand your skills in non-commercial data applications such as atmospheric science, government, utilities and agriculture. Plus, you’ll get hands-on experience with essential software like Tableau, SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL, Python, R, @Risk, Arena, Hadoop, and more.

The pedagogical approach combines theory and practical insights powered by real-world case studies and assignments. The lectures will be enriched with corporate examples and general discussions. But that's not all. To take your learning to the next level, you'll collaborate with fellow participants in small teams. Together, you'll embark on business-related projects guided by our IIM Calcutta expert faculty. These projects are designed to expand your knowledge base and put your newfound skills to the test.

The Advanced Programme in Data Sciences elevates the data prowess of professionals by introducing them to a suite of vital tools and software such as Tableau, SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL, Python, R, @Risk, Arena, Hadoop, and more.

Participants will attend live video sessions on the VCNow platform through direct-to-desktop (D2D) mode. Additionally, they will have the unique opportunity to visit the IIM Calcutta campus for an intensive 10-day on-campus immersion spread over two visits. The live online sessions will take place every Sunday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, with some additional sessions on select Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Programme Fees

Application fee: INR 2,500 + GST (Non-refundable)
Total Programme fee: INR 4,80,000 + GST
Instalment plan Payable amount
Instalment - 1 INR 1,05,000 + GST
Instalment - 2 INR 1,35,000 + GST
Instalment - 3 INR 1,05,000 + GST
Instalment - 4 INR 1,35,000 + GST

Last date to apply – March 24th, 2024
Programme inauguration – March, 2024
Programme end date – January 2025 (Tentative)
Note: All dates are subject to change as per sole discretion of the institute.

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