Programme Highlights

IIML Business Analytics Programme Highlights
IIM Lucknow Business Analytics Course Duration

Duration: 12 months

Eligibility: 8+ years of work experience

IIML Business Analytics Course Fees
Live Online Business Analytics Course Sessions

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5 dayson-campus module

IIM Lucknow Business Analyst Professional Certificate
Professional Business Analysis Course Campus Module

IIM Lucknow Completion Certificate and Executive Education Alumni Status

Live online sessions every Saturday (10 AM to 1 PM)

Application for IIML Business Analysis Course
Eligibility Criteria of Business Analyst Professional

Fee INR 4,00,000 Payable in easy instalments. A loan option is also available.

Programme Overview

Leadership and business analytics are indispensable in today's business context. One without the other is incomplete, as effective leadership necessitates informed decision-making, while business analytics empowers leaders with the data insights needed for strategic success. Together, they drive organisational excellence in the dynamic landscape of contemporary business. The Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics is tailored to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge business analytics tools and techniques with leadership, preparing participants for success in the data-driven business environment through a comprehensive curriculum covering analytics techniques, data strategy, leadership development and effective communication.

Leadership and Business Analytics Programme Overview

Develop data-driven leadership for informed decisions with IIM Lucknow

NIRF India Rankings

Ranked in the top 10 by NIRF rankings, Management, 2023.

FT Masters in Management

One of the 5 B-Schools in India with dual accreditation by AACSB & AMBA

Learning Outcomes

Build Advanced Business Analytics Skills

Build advanced analytics skills and managerial judgment to collect, analyse, and interpret data effectively.

Leverage Different Data Analytics Approaches

Leverage different analytics approaches—predictive, prescriptive and inferential across business domains.

Develop Business Leadership Skill

Develop leadership for high-performing analytics teams and implement analytics-driven organisational change

Harness AI, Machine Learning & Big Data management

Harness Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data management for transformative business intelligence and decision support.

Apply Analytics Across Business Domains

Apply analytics across business domains, including marketing, finance, HR, supply chain and operations.

NLP, Text Mining, Generative AI, IoT

Delve into Industry 4.0 tech (NLP, Text Mining, Generative AI, IoT) and address data privacy and security challenges.

Translate complex data into actionable insights

Translate complex data into actionable insights for effective communication across diverse stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes of Business Analysis Course

Curriculum Structure

Module 1

Foundations of Business Analytics
  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Overview of analytics in business contexts
  • Importance and role of data in decision-making
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Module 2

AI and Machine Learning for Business
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • AI Tools and Applications
  • Neural Network
  • Deep Learning
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Module 3

Application of Analytics in Business Domain
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Supply Chain & Operations Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Strategic Decision Making
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Why should you pursue this Programme?

Strategic Business Analytics

Prepare to step into leadership roles by mastering the strategic use of business analytics.

Data Analytics in Business Domains

Ensure your strategies align seamlessly with the evolving demands of data analytics in business domains.

future business management landscape

Get ready for the future business landscape, where data integration is paramount

IIM Lucknow Campus Experience

Immerse yourself in the IIM Lucknow campus experience during a 5-day on-campus session, complemented by 180 hours of expert-led immersive live video lectures.

Capstone Project in Business Analytics

Engage in a comprehensive Capstone Project guided by experienced IIM Lucknow faculty.

insightful business analytics discussions

Participate in insightful discussions with seasoned peers and industry practitioners, tapping into their real-world experiences.

Meet your Programme Director

Dr. Garg is a seasoned academician with a distinguished background in Statistics, having earned his Ph.D. from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. His research prowess spans various domains, including Linear Models, Measurement Error Models, and Restricted Regression. As an Associate Professor in Decision Sciences, Dr. Garg excels in his research contributions and sharing his knowledge through teaching. His instructional focus encompasses Quantitative Analysis for Management, Business Statistics, and Advanced Data Analysis. With a commitment to excellence in both research and education, Dr. Garg plays a pivotal role in shaping the understanding and application of statistical methodologies in decision sciences.

Prof. Gaurav Garg - Associate Professor in Business Statistics & Advanced Data Analysis

Prof. Anjali Bansal, an expert in the area of Human Resources and Change Management has about 13 years of rich experience in academics and research. With a deep interest and proficiency in managing human integration during mergers and acquisitions, Prof. Anjali also teaches and researches leadership and diverse sets of workforces, ranging from gender to contractual and gig. In the past, Prof. Anjali has conducted various training programs for the leaders of Bank of Baroda, Galderma, Dun and Bradstreet, BSNL, Coal India, GAIL, Grid Controller, officers of Indian Revenue Services (IRS), and Defence (all three forces), and rank holders of ICAI, etc. Prof. Anjali has also led consulting projects for reputed bodies like UP Tourism etc.

Prof. Anjali is an avid researcher and frequently publishes her research in journals of international repute like journal of organizational behaviour, the international journal of human resource management, journal of business research, personality and individual differences, international journal of project management, journal of organizational change management, journal of manpower, journal of hospitality and tourism management, etc. Prof. Anjali has also presented her research in several international consortiums and conferences across all continents, e.g., AoM, EURAM, AIB, etc. She has also been a recipient and nominee of various best paper research awards across national and international forums. In the past, Prof. Anjali had also been a visiting research scholar at George Washington University Business School, Washington DC. Prof. Anjali earned her doctoral degree from FMS, Delhi, and taught at the University of Delhi and MICA Ahmedabad in the past

Prof. Anjali Bansal - Human Resources and Change Management Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

The Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics provides hands-on training with tools like Tableau and Power BI for data visualization to transform raw data into compelling visual narratives. It covers Big Data tools (Hadoop, Spark) and explores their relevance in business. The curriculum extends to Industry 4.0 with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining, Generative AI and IoT. Additionally, participants learn Statistical Analysis for Business using R, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for effective decision-making in the evolving business analytics landscape.

The programme addresses evolving regulations and ethics in business analytics through a focused module on data privacy and security. It covers GDPR, the practical application of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023, and other key data protection regulations. This ensures participants are well-prepared to navigate ethical considerations and comply with evolving legal standards.

The programme emphasises theoretical knowledge and provides a hands-on learning experience through a comprehensive Capstone Project. Guided by seasoned faculty from IIM Lucknow, participants will tackle real-world challenges, applying their skills in a practical setting. Participants will also engage in real-life case studies, group discussions and simulations for a practical and dynamic learning experience.

Applicants are required to have an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 50% marks in any discipline. Additionally, a minimum of 8 years of working experience is necessary.

The curriculum includes modules on leadership, change management and the application of analytics in business domains such as Marketing, Financial, Supply Chain & Operations and HR, providing you with the skills and insights needed for roles requiring strategic decision-making and leadership responsibilities.

The programme covers real-world applications such as data visualization, predictive analytics, risk management, AI, machine learning, deep learning and Industry 4.0. These skills can be leveraged in your current role for informed decision-making, identifying trends, optimising business processes, and gaining practical insights into the rapidly evolving business landscape.

The programme is delivered primarily through live online sessions on the VCNow platform, with direct-to-desktop (D2D) mode ensuring seamless accessibility. Additionally, participants will be able to engage in a 5-day on-campus immersion at IIM Lucknow campus, scheduled during the initial few months of the programme. Live online sessions are scheduled every Saturday (10 AM to 1 PM), considering working professionals' busy schedules.

Programme Fees

Application fee: INR 2,500 + GST

Programme fee: INR 4,00,000 + GST

Instalment Schedule 

Instalment plan Payable amount
Instalment - I INR 1,00,000 + GST
Instalment - II INR 1,00,000 + GST
Instalment - III INR 1,00,000 + GST
Instalment - IV INR 1,00,000 + GST

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