About the EPCSCL programme

Communication is key to success in every aspect of life and ever so in a competitive business environment. As professionals progress into larger roles, strategic communication capabilities become a key influencing factor to realize their goals, objectives, vision and mission.The overall objective of the programme is to equip participants with strategic skills in leadership communication to enable them assume leadership positions in future. The programme presents new paradigms of leadership communications in the form of maneuvers that can act as game changers in complex business scenarios that requires critical thinking, comprehending ever evolving mutable market scenarios and interlacing changes in organizational structures, crucial decision making, and persuasive merits in interacting with internal and external stakeholders. The programme presents new strategic frameworks of communication both theoretical and practical demonstrating their applications in diverse domestic and international corporate cases. The major takeaway of the programme is to provide a novel communication guidebook that can help corporate leaders operationalize their vision and mission.

This programme has not been designed as a finishing school curriculum with the typical soft skills package encompassing English speaking proficiency training and grooming etiquette. It is about the language of leaders who demonstrate through their visionary communications the strategic understanding and evaluation of firms, markets and end-users.

What you’ll learn (Programme Take-aways)

  • Learn strategic skills in leadership communication to assume higher leadership positions
  • A novel communication guidebook that can help corporate leaders operationalize their vision and mission
  • Gain insights on maneuvers that can act as game changers in complex business scenarios that requires critical thinking
  • Adopt a neo-classical approach to Communication Analytics
  • Understand the Argumentation / Persuasion theory of behavioral economics as communication converters
  • Effectively convey your insights and recommendations to your team and organization

Who will benefit

Executives in leadership positions at all levels looking to improve their impact and performance through effective and impactful leadership communication

The IIM Calcutta & VCNow Advantage

  • Best-in-class faculty
  • Immersive online learning
  • Peer collabration and networking
  • Real-world, case-based learning

Programme Directors:

Prof. Nandita Roy


Dr. Nandita Roy teaches communication at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Her research is multidisciplinary, at the intersection of philosophy, technology, gender studies, storytelling and new media, with special emphasis on video games. Her academic training in qualitative research methods in humanities and new media, coupled with her experience in the media and communications industry, informs her understanding of philosophy, ethics, gender and media. She seeks to better understand how these intersecting areas can help create a more diverse, inclusive and ethical business environment.
Dr. Roy’s teaching philosophy is to inculcate in her students a sense of inquisitiveness and joy in learning. Through inclusive critical pedagogy using elements of game-based learning, she seeks to contextualise theoretical ideas for application in business contexts, thereby bridging the gap between theory and praxis.
She has previously worked at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, and National Geographic Channel, India.

Prof. Pragyan Rath


Dr. Pragyan Rath teaches communication at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Her research is multidisciplinary, at the intersection of post positivist critical thinking traditions, visual-verbal media intersection with special emphasis on semiology. Her academic training in ekphrastic traditions (visual-verbal) in humanities and aesthetics informs her understanding of corporate communication. She seeks to better understand how the intersecting fields of visual and verbal representations can help create a more nuanced methodology in market research.
Dr. Rath’s teaching philosophy is to inculcate conceptual imagination and the transitioning ability of the same into innovative methods of inquiry. Through design based critical pedagogy using elements of visual-verbal representational intersection, she seeks to contextualize the application of a new technique of representation – ekphrasis – into market analysis, thereby bridging the gap between the arts and business.
She has written extensively on innovative methods of communication analytics and pursues to contribute further in the multi-disciplinary field of corporate communication.


Blend of lectures

Case studies

Video graphed presentations

Personalized feedback

  • Leading with Communication Strategy: Conceptualizing of a start-up toolkit for positioning communication not just as medium of interaction but as leadership strategy.
  • Sales Pitch through Impactful Argumentation: Using the NUDGE factor from the domain of behavioural economics as communication converters.
  • Inter-Cultural Business Communication: Understanding of various cultural dimensions which are active in transnational workspaces. The module will have a three-tiered learning objective to develop ethno-relativism dealing with multi-cultural stakeholders in terms of persuasion and problem-solving, leading transnational teams, designing communications for countries with diverse cultural profiles.
  • Public Speaking - Crafting a Contemporary Public Narrative: Repositioning oration as a leadership skill for contemporary inclusive oriented industry and policy.
  • Presentation Skills Offline and Online: Reorienting data persuasion for presentations in offline and virtual workspaces.
  • Leaders as Conflict Processors Conflict Resolution and Negotiation: Transposing communication from the area of literature to the disciplines of behavioural sciences.
  • Leadership in Diverse Organisational Structures, Cultures and Communications: Impressing upon the participants how communication is impacted by various cognitive, emotional, organizational and socio-geo-body historic processes.
  • Leveraging Digital Communication for Leaders: Growth of internet and social media have paved way for more sophisticated ways to reach out to core target segments and keep them engaged. This module will cover the importance of digital communications and the advantages they have over traditional channels. Few key aspects of social media communication strategies will also be covered.
  • Communication Analytics Visual Communication Trends: Adopting a neo-classical approach in analysing visual data in the larger pool of data analytics for business investigations
  • Storytelling in the Digital Era: trans-medial, branding and digital story-telling as leading market influencer's.
  • Self-Branding through Design Thinking: The concept of self-branding as it undergoes a paradigm shift to counter sudden, critical and unprecedented scenarios.
  • Working managers with an experience profile of 8 years or more, who are at least graduates (10+2+3) in any discipline with 50% marks.
  • Candidates would be shortlisted on the basis of assessment of background and motivation based on the application form submitted and performance in personal interview.
  • The program will be delivered through Live online sessions delivered through Direct to Device (D2D) mode.
  • Participants can attend the live sessions from the comfort of their home or office using Laptop/Desktop with a reliable internet connectivity of min 1 Mbps.
  • Live sessions would be held every Saturday From 9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM.
  • In addition, there will be a 4 day Campus Module at IIM Calcutta towards the end of the course comprising presentation examinations and certification ceremony.
  • Subject to Govt. guidelines and Institute guidelines on the pandemic, the presentation examinations and certification scheduled for campus visit may be converted into online sessions.
  • Mid-Term Examinations: Team Project Assignment
  • End-Term Examination: Each participant will be preparing presentation as a strategic leadership pitch of persuasion to be delivered in the presence of the faculty. All these presentations will be video-graphed and their CDs will be given to the participants for future reference. The faculty would evaluate and offer personalized commentaries on the oratorical performance of each and every participant.
  • Partiicipant has to attend minimum 66% of all the sessions before mid-term, and before end-term, and compuslory attendance for all examinations for successful completion of the course.

Important Dates, Fees & Instalment Plan:

Programme Commences: Feb 2023
Total Fees of Batch 04: INR 3,00,000 + GST (Fees subject to change for next batch)

Dates are subject to change as per the decision of the Institute.
GST is applicable currently @ 18%, subject to changes as per Govt. norms. All payments to be made in favour of Unified Collaboration Services LLP.

How to apply

Interested applicants may apply online through the below provided application link. The application must be complete in all respects including uploading of academic and experience related documents towards proof and submission of Statement of Purpose (SOP) & Profile.


For more information and support speak to our Academic Advisors: (+91) 7290036877

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